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For a girl named Sally life's a walk in the park
She shines like the day but she's afraid of the dark
She uses the birds and the bees, the flowers the trees
To distract her and hide her from her worldly plight

She takes on the world with plastic emotions,
lulls them away with fake smiles,
and inside she's slowly destroying herself,
denial denying denial

Jack comes along, a fellow lost soul, he finds his way into her heart
with him by her side the shadows decline, the world is less brutal and sharp
they can lie there in silence and just soak up the vibrance
the world is complete when they're together

But the rest of the world still gets plastic emotions,
they deserve no more than fake smiles,
the destruction has halted, the turmoil remains,
and there's still that hint of denial

Jack's had his fill, he's strengthened, he thinks he's now better
Sally's the one with much deeper wounds, she needs him as her tether
It comes to a quarrel, the inevitable follows
Not even love beats perceptions of inequality

Cue on once again the plastic emotions,
the soullessly beautiful smile,
The destruction of self back in full thrust,
denial denying denial

The reasonless hate, though peaceful at first, cannot replace what once was
shades of emotion find their way back in to make present different from past
Jack realises too late the fatal mistake
It's fixed but will always be broken

They both still know only plastic emotions,
the shield known as the smile,
The destruction endures same as before
But this time there is no denial

Though the damage is permanent the connection is too
The pain aside they know they both grew
They move on in parallel ascending the heavens
She takes off her mask and welcomes the world
(The full title of this song is "The Ballad of The Starfish and The Turtle" but it wouldn't fit into the title box)

This is a song I wrote for my ex-girlfriend as what I believe to be an honest account of our relationship.
Reanimated4now Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
featured this here bud: [link]
Rawrzberry Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
My condolences about your friend :(
Reanimated4now Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Professional General Artist
:( thanks man
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